Equinox Services

We have a breadth of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and alternative treatments to help a variety of physical conditions and injuries.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neuro physiotherapy is focused on treating any damage caused to your central nervous system, this can include brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve injury. This often means that messages from the brain are not reaching certain parts of your body which can impair movement and your quality of life.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Therapists who specialise in orthopedics focus on the musculoskeletal aspects of the body. This includes treating injuries and disorders in the skeletal system (bones) and muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, cartilages, spinal discs and fascia. 

Paediatric Physiotherapy

We support a number of children and young adults at Equinox Physiotherapy. We pride ourselves on providing a happy, engaging and fun environment for children to enjoy their treatment.

Additional Services

All of these services add value to our patients and assist with pain management, health and mental wellbeing. Some of these can be arranged at the clinic or we can refer you to a specialist.

Since 2001

Who we work with

Equinox physiotherapy has been built on partnership and collaboration. We work alongside and manage referrals from a variety of organisations in the private and public sector.

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