Equinox Treatments

We treat clients who have had neurological injury through traumatic brain injury or illness and disease, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy, spinal injury or Parkinson’s disease.

Your treatment plan, wellbeing and recovery is our primary focus at Equinox.

Our qualified and experienced team at Equinox Physiotherapy provide specialist neuro physiotherapy and rehabilitation coaching for adults and children.

We have a breadth of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and alternative treatments to help a variety of physical conditions and injuries. After a thorough assessment of your individual needs we can recommend a physiotherapy plan and rehabilitation programme to help improve your mobility, independence and quality of life. 

You will always be greeted with enthusiasm by our warm and friendly team at Equinox.

Now a team of nine physiotherapists and rehabilitation coaches, we are able to provide you with a depth and mixture of skills to support neurological conditions such as ABI, TBI, MS and Parkinsons. We also provide musculoskeletal and physiotherapy for children and young adults.

Since 2001

Who We Work With

Equinox physiotherapy has been built on partnership and collaboration. We work alongside and manage referrals from a variety of organisations in the private and public sector.

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